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Best Health Tips in Hindi: When the body’s immune system is weakened, various diseases surround us. The body’s immune system is essential for a healthy life. Where yoga practice and pranayama boost the body’s immune system.

At the same time, proper and balanced diet is also helpful in boosting the immune system. In today’s Health Blog we will. The best health tips in Hindi Know that by following which we can increase our immunity.

Best Health Tips in Hindi:

Proper diet is the basis of life. And in today’s life it becomes even more important. Irregular feeding weakens the lion’s immune system, while many diseases take up permanent residence in our body. The best example of the threat of a weakened immune system today is the Corona virus (KOVIED-19). let go The best health tips in Hindi Today we know the principles of diet so that we can increase our immunity.


1. Do not eat fruit after eating:

Usually people eat fruits after eating which is a bad habit because fruits are digested before nature and fruits do not require much energy to digest. While food takes 3-4 hours to digest. If we eat fruit after eating, then the fruit is digested quickly and the food that is digested later is affected. What is eaten first must be digested first. Therefore, fruits should be used before eating. This Health Tips Follow or follow

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2. Do not drink water while eating:

We know very well that we should not drink water while eating. Because when food is in our mouth, our tongue recognizes the quality of food and proper digestive acid begins to seep into our stomach, in which case when we drink water with food, the digestive capacity of these acids is reduced Is and helps. Disrupts digestion of food. That is why we should never drink water while eating.

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3. Eat dinner 3 hours before bed:

Dinner should always be taken 3 hours before bedtime because our body is engaged in regenerating and rejuvenating millions of cells while sleeping at night, so if we fall asleep immediately after eating, our body will not be able to build. This place will expend its energy in digesting food, so that ours Health There is a negative effect. If possible, drink a glass of lukewarm water at night before going to bed, which helps digest food faster.

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4. Drink adequate amount of water:

Our body is 70% water, so we should drink at least 4-5 liters of water daily. Drinking adequate amount of water does not cause constipation. RO water should never be drunk as the water is reversed. Filtering through osmosis removes all minerals from the water and the water becomes dead, so UV treated water should be drunk.

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5. Do not defecate for a long time:

Stomach should be cleaned two to three times a day: We should clean our stomach at least 3 times. We can learn from children how to follow the natural method of cleansing the stomach. He cleans his stomach every time he drinks breast milk. Follow the natural method and prevent toxins and acid residues from remaining in the body for 24 hours.

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6. Increase the amount of raw food:

Raw foods include sprouted grains, raw vegetables such as carrots, radishes, cucumbers, yams or any other vegetables that you find delicious. Cooking depletes food and converts phytochemicals into toxic chemicals. So get in the habit of eating as much raw food as possible.

7. Develop the habit of deep breathing:

Take deep breaths: We use only 25% of our lung capacity and take mostly light breaths which is a bad habit. For healthy breathing, practice deep breathing to allow more space for the lungs to expand. Because of this we have many benefits, such as concentration of the brain, reduced stress, getting more oxygen also reduces lung diseases. This Health Tips in Hindi Doing so also gives your heart more oxygen. Due to which the chances of heart disease are reduced.

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8. Practice yoga or take a walk:

Exercise yoga or take a walk: Morning air pollution is minimal, so get in the habit of pranayama, exercise, salutation or walk every morning. Make whichever of the three you think is appropriate an integral part of your life because this habit is very important for your health.

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9. Drink lukewarm water before molding:

Drink lukewarm water before going to bed: Drink 1 glass of lukewarm water daily one hour before going to bed early in the morning. Doing so also loosens the stool, which also removes diseases like constipation, gas, etc. and also increases gastritis.

10. Promote vegetarian food.

It is said that like food, the brain should give more preference to vegetarian food because vegetarian food is digested faster than non-vegetarian food and also reduces gastrointestinal diseases.

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Here is information about health tips in Hindi. Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys …..

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