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Kristine Hembre, D.O

I help people with auto-immune disease or cancer find a healthy balance to live fully in their vision of wellness and joy. I also work with physicians and other health care providers that have exhausted themselves in the quest of helping others.

I follow the coaching process taught at Duke University Integrative Health program. We partner to evaluate present status and we build steps to reach your vision of a healthy life based on what you value and desire in your life. You are the center of the process. You are supported by me the coach as we journey toward your goals. We will face challenges and celebrate success together. Where you have been will matter less than where you are headed. Your unique path is honored and supported.

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Health Coaching Explained


Integrative Health Coaching is focuses on engaging individuals in their own health choices for a better outcome. Health coaches are trained in behavior change and guide the process while the client provides the areas of concern and content.

Through a non-judgmental coaching partnership, we create individualized plans based on clients vision and values. Personalized Health Plans focus on health and lifestyle changes that meet your well-being goals. Coaches complement and support the treatment recommended by your health care providers. We may also support clients by recommending other therapy, resources or interventions. Integrated Health Coaches explore new possibilities and perspectives with clients while inspiring change that is sustainable.

Integrative Health Coaches understand the science and history of the complementary medical arts. We can help you navigate the available alternatives to find optimal approach to your health goals. Options include nutritional change, massage, acupuncture, exercise, hypnosis, art, mindfulness and others. Coaches respect that the human mind and body have essential capacities for self-repair that can be supported and enhanced by our life choices and appropriate therapies.

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Health Confidence offers the following programs :
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Blue Sky Program


On residency call, you had either blue sky or gray cloud call nights. As an Integrative Health Coach, I am using my experience and skills to help fellow physicians find their way to blue sky living. A life in which you have energy to face the many tasks of the day. A lifestyle that supports you in all roles (physician, spouse, parent, adult child, mentor...)

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